Monday, April 15, 2013

Out of Church Movement

It is an incomprehensible thought. That God would actually lead a person out of church.

We are so conditioned that we should go to church when we believe something, whatever the denomination or belief that we don't question. Going to church goes hand in hand... Or does it...

Ever since I believed I have always prayed and waited for God to lead me to which church I should go to. I guess that's because of the way I met God ( He came to me while I was minding my own business. What happened is that I have ended up out of church.

What if people go to church but that's not actually where they should go. They think they should, so they find their nearest place, their local church, or even just go where their family go. Some people have been going to the same church their whole life and never bothered to question why.

"Church" is not in the bible. That's right. The early Christians had fellowship, bible reading, prayer, healings and tongue speaking, and often gathered together, but you never find a prescribed Sunday service. It's just not there. It came later under the formalisation of the Catholic Church. In the bible there was no denomination. Just gatherings of believers.

The word "church" was formed later. The bible uses "ecclesia" which just meant a gathering or assembly, and had connotations of called out ones.

If we look at "church" today it is not a reflection of what we see in the New Testament scriptures. We are letting ourselves be bound to this Sunday Service idea without looking at its origins, reasons or necessity.

The Lord said "see, I am doing a new thing" (Isaiah 43:19)

Are you ready? Are you listening?

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