Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jesus loves homosexuals...

So what would Jesus think of homosexuality? Does Jesus love homosexuals? Well how I see my bible is that if it is a sin Jesus loves sinners, and if not, Jesus loves everyone, so he must love gay people.

Christians do not realise that they are persecuting homosexuals. The persecution of gay people starts with this "love the sinner, hate the sin" mentality.  Please don't take this the wrong way, I am a Christian too.  The judgement and condemnation that comes when we decide and target something as a sin, no matter what theory we put behind it, hurts people. 

What if I decided picking your nose and eating it was a sin. I'd have plenty of scripture backup about bodily fluids. Now if you have ever done this you must repent. Don't get all high and mighty about the severity of the sin compared to being homosexual because the bible makes it clear that a sin is a sin no matter the degree. Now you can't come to church if you pick your nose and eat it. Make sure your children don't, because they won't be accepted either.

This is what happens when we focus on sin instead of the life changing work of the Holy Spirit. Faith is the starting point, but who would have faith in a God who condemns them? Love everyone, I think Jesus said. Let him do his work on that dirty nose picking habit.

I had a dream that changed me forever on how I felt about homosexuals. I was speaking to a gay man and explaining how Jesus loved him too. He wept and wept and as I held him in my arms I could feel the sadness from the persecution, the relief in knowing he too was saved and the love he felt for Jesus.

It's time for a change, love people, don't prevent them from entering the kingdom.


  1. Came across your blog from Ben's page. I totally agree. I've had this argument with so many fellow Christians. So many self righteous bigots who think their sin is so easily forgiven yet puts a cap on God's mercy and grace when it comes to homosexuality. Who are we to decide what sin is more unforgivable than the next. Who are we to grade one persons sinful nature against someone elses? Jesus was all about love! And that's what we are supposed to be about too. Let's stop defining gay people by their "sin" and just start seeing them as one of us. Normal people who sin, but are loved and embraced by God and are offered his grace and forgiveness, exactly the same way we are. Dx